DoubleBlinded was a project which allowed users to scientifically test the effects of lifestyle decisions, such as taking a supplement, by providing a double-blinded, placebo-controlled individual (n=1) experiment kit. Furthermore, DoubleBlinded aggregated the results of these individualized experiments to create larger aggregate experiments.

DoubleBlinded held the vision of scientific rigor and eventually aspired to compete with existing scientific studies and clinical trials for health topics such as pharmaceuticals, exercise, meditation, or diet.

The project launched a private beta in January 2016 to a very small, select group of users. Although the private beta was kept intentionally small, hundreds of users had registered with intent to participate. That users were willing to pay to join an experiment was a positive but unexpected conclusion of the project.

The project was shut down after the private beta due to concerns over regulation and public reception. Without funding for further research, the regulatory status of DoubleBlinded was left uncertain.

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